Money Is Created Out of Thin Air

Ever heard people saying money is created out of thin air? No?  Well, basically it kinda is, now you have [Heard].

See, in the last century, or rather before governments introduced fiat money (Paper money), there was barter trade (Exchange of goods for goods) which was value based, makes sense.

Paper money was backed by actual gold stored in reserves in banks and such institutions, therefore one could actually exchange the monies for gold; this made sense.

As time passed, it got to a point where the paper money wasn’t/isn’t backed by the gold anymore, it was rather based on the faith that people had on it, you could/can no longer exchange the monies for gold.

Governments now create (Print) new money out of nowhere, and use it to control the economy through loans and debt.

Money, thus, as of now, is created out of thin air. It’s just paper, with fancy art; well not so fancy for some.


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